MQLR Volume 4, Issue 1

MQLR Volume 4, Issue 1



MQLR Volume 4, Issue 1


Title          Regulating Unsolicited Messages: A Call for Hybrid Approach

Author       Habib Sani Usman


Title          Current Business Rescue Options: Alternatives to Winding-Up of Companies

Author       Kathleen Okafor


Title          An Examination of the Disposition of the Law to Cases of Medical Negligence in Nigeria

Author       Jessica Emike Imuekemhe


Title          Justifying Genetics as a Possible Legal Defence to Criminal Responsibility in Nigeria

Author       Oluwatomi A Ajayi & Ikenga Oraegbuunam


Title          The Supreme Court Decision in Re Abdullahi: Re-Echoing Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium as a Shield and a Sword

Author       David Eyongndi




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