MQLR Volume 3, Issue 3

MQLR Volume 3, Issue 3


MQLR Volume 3, Issue 3


Title          The Force of Law and Limits of Presidential Executive Orders in Nigeria: Lessons from the USA

Author       Muhammed Tawfiq Ladan


Title          The Changing Perspectives of Warfare: The Case of Legal Autonomous Robots and the Supreme Right

Author       Ibrahim Abdullahi


Title          The Practice of Restorative Justice in Nigeria: Settlement and Punishment

Author       Justus Imafidon


Title          Statoil (NIG) Ltd & Anor v FIRS & Anor: Balancing the Doctrine of Non-Interventionism and the Need to Protect Public Interest in Arbitration

Author       David Eyongndi


Title          Division of Powers Between Corporate Organs in Public Companies: A Comparative Perspective

Author       Gogo G. Otururu & Felix Amadi



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