MQLR Volume 3, Issue 2

MQLR Volume 3, Issue 2


MQLR Volume 3, Issue 2


Title          Enforceability of Online Contractual Transaction: Challenges in Nigeria

Author       Anne Mpamah & David Agbu


Title          Criminal Copyright Infringement in Nigeria

Author       Ifeoluwa Olubiyi


Title          Right to Human Dignity: Identifying Safeguards for the Awaiting Trial Inmate in Nigeria

Author       Nnenna Joy Eboh


Title          Independence, Impartiality and Confidentiality of an Arbitrator in Relation to Third Party Funding

Author       Ogochukwu Juliet Mgbakogu


Title          Of Pluralism, Social Responsibilities of Corporations and Interconnectivities

Author       Kathleen Okafor




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