MQLR Volume 3, Issue 1

MQLR Volume 3, Issue 1

MQLR Volume 3, Issue 1


Title          The Role of Board Chairmen in Modern Corporate Governance: An Overview

Author       Kathleen Okafor


Title          The Nature and Extent of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Liability in the European Union: Lessons for Nigerian Regulators?

Author       Habib Sani Usman


Title          Mandatory Electronic Recording of Interrogations and Pursuit of Justice Under Section 15(4) of the ACJA 2015

Author       Catherine Cyril


Title          Standardising and Operationalising the Child Justice System in Nigeria

Author       Dr. Uchenna Emelonye


Title          Enforcing Constitutional Environmental Rights in Courts: A Comparative Analysis of Nigeria and India

Author       Godswill Agbaitoro




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