MQLR Volume 2, Issue 3

MQLR Volume 2, Issue 3

MQLR Volume 2, Issue 3


Title          A Critique of the Procedure for the Appointment and Removal of Judicial Officers of the Superior Courts of Record in Nigeria

Author       Maureen Stanley-Idum & Ifeoma Ononye


Title          Expanding the Frontiers of Discipline of Lawyers in Nigeria: An Overview

Author       Caroline Oba & Ogechukwu Ikwuanusi


Title          The Liability of Parent Companies and their Principal Officers for Environmental Breaches: A Comparative Approach

Author       Kathleen Okafor


Title          Moving Towards a Robust Governance Regime for the Decommissioning of Offshore Energy Installations in the Nigerian Petroleum Industry

Author       Godswill Agbaitoro & Nkechi Kejeh


Title          Application of Limitation of Action Laws to Oil Spill Claims in Nigeria: Case Comments

Author       Abdulhakeem Abdulqadir Tijani & Abdulfatai Esivue Aperua-Yusuf



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