MQLR Volume 1, Issue 3

MQLR Volume 1, Issue 3

MQLR Volume 1, Issue 3


Title          Appraising the Jurisdiction of the Customary Court of Appeal in Nigeria: The Way Forward

Author       Hon. Justice Moses A Bello


Title          An Examination of the Right of Silence of a Suspect under Section 6 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act (ACJA) 2015

Author       Awele Lauretta Ikobi-Anyali


Title          The Doctrine of ‘Last Seen’ as Applied by the Nigerian and Indian Courts: A Comparative Study

Author       Vearumun Vitalis Tarhule & Margaret Uroko Rphael


Title          Legality of Plea Bargaining in Nigeria: Old Debates and the Present Legal Regime

Author       Abdullahi Saliu Ishola & Isa Olawale Solahudeen & Maruf Adeniyi Nasir


Title          Judicial Attitude to Environmental Litigation and Access to Environmental Justice in Nigeria: Lessons from Kiobel

Author       Rufus Akpofurere Mmadu



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