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Intellectual Property and Trademark

Intellectual Property and Trademark

Miyetti Law provides you with a broad spectrum of services in the area of intellectual property. These services cover patents and trademarks, industrial designs, copyright protection, enforcements and appeals. Our comprehensive services are fully available as necessary restrictions to safeguard your innovative work and much more.

We will not only assist in safeguarding your intellectual property rights but will also deliver a range of cohesive services to aid making the most value in your business. Our lawyers have extensive understanding of the various industries both in Nigeria and across borders to provide you with advise on building a comprehensive approach towards safeguarding and leveraging their Intellectual Property assets.

Our experienced team of intellectual property lawyers are readily at your service in taking necessary steps to establish, maintain, and protect your intellectual property rights. We will guide you through each phase of the intellectual property licensing or registration process, including infringement, and post registration matters.


  • Trade Secrets
  • Trademark Licensing
  • Infringement of Copyright & Design
  • Passing Off
  • Patent Prosecution
  • General Advisory