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In a constantly unpredictable business environment, companies remain prone to transformative business, fluctuating economic cycles and transitions that threaten their ability to survive as going concerns. These changes often call for immediate expert decisions as a precaution to mounting liabilities and declining profitability. Our practice offers you a range of suitable choices in dealing with bankruptcy and insolvency amongst others. We understand that addressing insolvency requires a holistic and informed approach and we are prepared to provide you with workable solutions on restructuring.

With an extensive and dedicated team of lawyers in the area of insolvency, Miyetti Law assures you of the best legal services you require. Our expertise here covers contingency planning, insolvency filing, debt restructuring, capital market operations and distressed financing. Our corporate law team goes the extra mile by working closely with specialists in these related practice areas to ensure we provide you with seamless services.


  • Receivership
  • Receivership-Management
  • Liquidation
  • Distressed Credit
  • Restructuring
  • Insolvency Proceedings