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Case Study

Case Study

Collateral Security and Legal Review

Miyetti Law in collaboration with Ernst & Young provided expert legal advice to a renowned Nigerian Government Agencyout comprehensive legal review of around 6000 collateral security documentations which formed part of the Eligible Bank Assets (EBAs) purchased from the financial institutions in Nigeria. Our exceptionally skilled lawyers meticulously deployed all necessary services and facilities to achieve the needed results. In the performance of this exercise we availed them with services such as

  • out comprehensive legal review of the collateral security documentations w
  • Conducting searches to identify the genuity of facilities provided as collateral.
  • Cooperate with necessary agencies and experts to presenting tailored advice.
  • Providing legal guidance on the legitimacy of actions and inactions.
  • Provide legal opinion contending issues.

Review of Credit Files for Debts over 1 Billion Naira and accounts threatened by provisions of the Limitation Law

Miyetti Law was appointed to review the credit files with values exceeding 1 Billion Naira due to non-performance of some of these accounts and concerns that some accounts might be threatened by provisions of the Limitation Laws. The firm would equally go on to determine:

  • options and remedies available under the AMCON Act and other extant Legislations and advise on the options available to the Corporation to reactivate the cause of action in respect of the debts at risk of the Limitation Law
  • develop recovery models suitable for any given case analysed, including criminal actions and bankruptcy proceedings.

Advise on Franchise/Distribution Agreement

Miyetti Law comprehensively advised on a multi-million Naira distribution agreement between a foreign company and its local subsidiary/distributor.

We were able to:

  • Analyse clauses inserted in the agreement document and ensure clarity in interpretation
  • Ensure that the agreement terms were in conformity with relevant laws.

Receivership Services

  • We were appointed as a Receiver in respect to a credit facility worth over one billion Naira in June 2016.
  • We successfully reviewed the documents and confirmed the viability of the collateral and security interests.
  • Provided suitable legal advice and remedies available to address subsisting issues.

Investment Memorandum and Advisory

Miyetti Law successfully reviewed the investment plan for a mortgage bank in Nigeria. In carrying out this task we:

  • Advise the bank on the need to review some of her policies to avoid future implications.
  • Provided conditional safe guards based on the domestic financial regulations.
  • Avail our client with comprehensive legal opinion.

Topnotch Legal Advisory

Our team of lawyers provided necessary legal advice and guidance to a consortium member of an infrastructure company in regards to a bid for the deployment of Optic Fibre Infrastructure Broadband network (Phase II) covering the entire North-East Nigeria.

We provided regulatory compliance and advisory and advisory services to Private Placement Investments Companies in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) on areas such as:

  • Equity Investing.
  • Lending Agreements.
  • Debt Convenants.
  • Business Plan/ Feasibility Studies.