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Registry Services

Registry Services

Miyetti Law also provides registry services for clients within and outside Abuja. We assist clients (International Organization, Companies, Individuals) and other law firms with filing of processes, obtaining court dates and receiving processes. We can serve as your process agent to receive court papers, documents, notices, court and arbitration proceedings service through our registry. We are a point of contact and a legal address for contract purposes in a situation where the entity does not have an office and where, usually because of contractual obligations, and it is not possible for them to be served abroad. This is a vitally important service for many overseas business dealing with suppliers or tenders in Nigeria.

Under (Section 3(2)(g)(1) Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments Act Cap. 175 Laws of the Federation 1958, it is necessary to serve papers to start proceedings correctly. If a party does not have an address within Nigeria, the process for serving these papers abroad is lengthy and complicated. It is therefore customary and indeed often required by entity supplying the service or loan for the overseas entity to appoint a Nigeria process agent and agree that service at the address of the process agent will constitute proper service for the purposes of the court procedural requirements. Miyetti law can provide you this service.

The Registrar at Miyetti Law has over 30 years extensive experience working in the registry of the Supreme Court and Superior Courts of Record in Nigeria and posses the required skills in serving and handling processes in all the superior courts of records.

Our registry services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Swearing of affidavits.
  • Serving of court processes.
  • Mailbox services.
  • Document Delivery service
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