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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Whether you are preparing to visit the Law Library or conducting research online, these frequently asked questions and answers provide key information to help you find what you need and plan the logistics of your visit. Being aware of the services we offer and of the policies related to using the Law Library collections will allow you to get the most out of your legal research.

What is Miyetti Law Library?

Miyetti Law Library is a reference only library which serves the needs of the firm’s legal practitioners, paralegals and other registered members of the library. The library is state of the art knowledge hub which houses the latest decisions and reports from the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Court of Appeal, Federal High Courts, National Industrial Courts, High Courts of the FCT and the States.

In addition, the Library contains Law reports and legislative instruments of other Common Law and Commonwealth jurisdictions and several online research databases. The books (print and electronic) are mostly in different areas of Law and other disciplines like social sciences, banking and finance, medical sciences, Politics, Crime, Psychology, Engineering, IT and Communication.

The library has some rare legal books from 1800s for legal historians and researchers.

What are the holdings of the Library?

Information on the holdings of the Miyetti Law Library may be found in the link “Our Collections

What are the opening hours of the Library?

The Library is open to registered members from 8.30am till 6pm, Mondays to Fridays and is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and during Nigeria Public Holidays.

What type of reference and research staff does the Library have?

The Law Library staff includes a number of well trained librarians in the library, law specialists and several research analysts.

How can I contact the Library?

Information on our contact address, email, phone number may be found in the link Our Contact

Can I ask a librarian at the Library a question?

The primary mission of the Law library is providing knowledge and information for the firm and other library users and supporting legal practitioners with research work. We encourage you to use the online resources first. For further assistance, our staff will respond to your reference and information needs to the extent possible. You may direct questions to us electronically by phone or mail.

Can I get information on foreign, comparative, or international law?

The Library staff are available for reference assistance with foreign, comparative, or international law questions. Readers are encouraged to check online resources and especially the Library catalog first. You may direct questions to us electronically by phone or by mail.

Can I get legal advice from a legal reference librarian?

Only lawyers are allowed to give legal advice. The librarians can help you locate materials to enable you to research your issue. For complex legal matters, it is best to speak with a lawyer.

Who can use the Law Library?

The Law Library is open to all researchers 18 years or older who have subscribed to the library and is provided with the reader identification card

How can I find out if the Library has what I need?

Most of the Law Library books, journals, and holdings are listed in the Miyetti Law Library Online Catalog Some Consultation with our librarian may be necessary to locate such materials.

Can I borrow a book from the Library?

Miyetti Law Library is a reference only library which serves the needs of the firm’s legal practitioners, paralegals and other registered members of the library, hence do not borrow books to individuals, researchers are to consult the materials in the library.

Are the Law Library’s holdings available online?

Most of the Library holdings are not online. The Miyetti Law Library Online Catalog is a catalog of bibliographic records, not a full-text database. Except for certain online collections, the full text of most Law Library materials cannot be found on our website.

Visit the E-book page to access various full-text legal and materials.

What online databases are available at the Law Library?

A detailed list of legal databases can be found in the databases and e-journals page.

The book I want to see is a “rare book.” Can I access it?

The library has some rare legal books from 1800s for legal historians and researchers. These selected Law Library holdings are deemed “rare books,” and are treated with special care. Rare book service is available in our library but access to rare materials is by appointment only. For more information, visit the Rare book Collection page.

Can I go into the stacks to browse or retrieve a book?

Miyetti Law Library holds over 10,000 volumes of local and foreign legal materials, law reports, law journals, treaties, and legal encyclopaedias on open shelves. These collections are accessible to all patrons with the membership identification card.

Can I order a book to be held for me in advance?

No. The Law Library does not permit items to be reserved in advance.

Can I set aside materials to use for more than one day?

No. Researchers cannot set books aside because the materials are only for research purposes

Does the Law Library provide training for researchers?

The Law Library offers training to registered readers such dates shall be communicated to our readers.

Can I photocopy materials at the Law Library?

Yes. Photocopy machine is available in the Law Library. Copies are N10 per page. Patrons must supply specific citations (title, author, number of pages) in order for material to be copied. For more information, visit the library services page.

It is our responsibility to follow copyright restrictions when reproducing material. Additional information on copyright law is available in the library

Can I use Law Library computers for word processing and other applications?

No. Law Library computers are for research purposes only.

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