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Library Services

Our Research and Documentation Library

Miyetti Law Firm maintains a state-of-the art library housing the most recent and up to date decisions and rulings from the Supreme Court of Nigeria, the Court of Appeal, the Federal High court, the National Industrial Court, the High Court of the FCT.

Research and documentation are just as important as any other area of law, so do not trust just any firm with these essential tasks. Call Miyetti Law today so our boutique firm can put our legal team to work on your case. Miyetti Law provides unparalleled comparative legal analysis on legal precedents relevant to your case. We also provide research support for individuals, corporate entities, government agencies, and members of the diplomatic corps.

Law Reports and Journals

Our library collection has a repertoire of the Law reports from Nigeria and other commonwealth jurisdictions. We also have the latest decisions and reports from the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Court of Appeal, Federal High court, National Industrial court, High courts of the FCT and the States. The library also houses the Law reports and legislative instruments of other Common Law and Commonwealth jurisdictions like the All England Law Reports, Belize Supreme court report, Bahamas consolidated Acts, Trinidad and Tobago consolidated Acts, Guyana consolidated Acts, Supreme court of Barbados, Indian journal of Law and Economics, Caribbean Community Treaties.


We have access to research databases such as LawPavilion, LegalPedia, Westlaw UK, Practical law, LexisNexis and a host of others. Visit our library today to see how we can be of assistance with your research.

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