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At Miyetti Law, the research and documentation team is dedicated to conducting comprehensive research in an attempt to solve legal issues, address legal concerns of varying natures and develop detailed documentation. Our research team is always up to date with changes in the Nigerian and International legal system and despite the continual advancement in technology; the same basic principles have been incorporated in our system whilst paying careful attention to detail in understanding and effectively applying the relevant precedents and regulations to your legal situation.

Miyetti Law provides comprehensive assistance to individuals and organizations with both legal research and documentation. Our knowledgeable and dedicated legal team brings more than a decade of collective experience to the table, but we are still constantly learning and evolving as technologies change.

Our breadth of knowledge and dedication to excelling in the field of e-law has made our boutique firm uniquely qualified to provide assistance with all research and documentation needs. Miyetti Law’s research and documentation team are well versed in online research, coupled with strong dedication to e-law, which gives us the added advantage to meet your research and documentation needs with ease.

Our research and documentation services includes but are not limited to the following:

  • Legal opinion
  • Evaluation and organization of draft legislations and judicial proposals.
  • Negotiate, draft and renew transactional documents.
  • Research, write and review briefs and other court documents.
  • Review general legal documents.



Dr. Jennifer Douglas-Abubakar

Principal Partner – Miyetti Law

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