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Brexit: implications for dispute resolution after EU-UK transition ends


Author: Source:- ( International Bar Association)

Brexit: implications for dispute resolution after EU-UK transition ends

Lucy Trevelyan Despite the EU and UK’s eleventh-hour deal on trade in December 2020, no direct agreement was reached to replace the Brussels Regulation (recast) regime. This regulation provides a streamlined process for the reciprocal enforcement of judgments between the courts of EU Member States. Since 1 January 2021, therefore, […]

UK LLPs in Europe eye disruption in face of no-deal Brexit

A United Kingdom parliamentary committee has warned that the country’s lawyers ‘may become unable to operate in the EU’ under UK-specific limited liability partnership (LLP) structures if a Brexit agreement with the European Union is not reached. A House of Lords’ EU Services Sub-Committee report – published in mid-October – […]

Calls for criminalisation of protest groups follow summer of dissent

In early September, environmental protest group Extinction Rebellion (XR) blocked access to printing presses used by UK newspapers. The move drew condemnation from government figures – and added to the febrile atmosphere of protest during 2020. XR – which describes itself as a non-violent direct action group which takes disruptive, […]

Internal Market Bill prompts questions on UK’s commitment to rule of law

In early September, the British Government introduced its proposed Internal Market Bill to parliament, a piece of legislation that has quickly become highly contested. Ostensibly intended to protect the United Kingdom’s internal markets if negotiations on a post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union break down, the Bill’s text has […]

Sanctions: UK launches post-Brexit regime amid concerns about trade ties

In July the British Government announced the first wave of targets of its new, post-Brexit sanctions regime. Forty-nine individuals and organisations have been targeted, meaning they are banned from entering the United Kingdom, channelling money through UK banks or ‘profiting from our economy’, as the government announcement stated. The list […]