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INTO AFRICA June 2019 Edition – African Banking: Emerging Growth

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INTO AFRICA June 2019 Edition – African Banking: Emerging Growth

  Welcome to the June 2019 edition of INTO AFRICA, a publication written by the professionals, for professionals, investors, policymakers … Advancing and providing fresh insight into Africa’s emerging markets through renowned thought leadership and peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing. The edition is titled: African Banking: Emerging Growth. African countries have made progress […]

ICLG – Oil & Gas Regulations 2019

                  O&G19_Chapter 21_Nigeria Chapter 21 –  Nigeria- Oil & Gas Regulations-2019- Miyetti Law 1 Overview of Natural Gas Sector 1.1 A brief outline of your jurisdiction’s natural gas sector, including a general description of: natural gas reserves; natural gas production including […]

ICLG-Private Client 2019 PC19_Chapter-33_Nigeria NIGERIA-PRIVATE CLIENT – 2019 1 Connection Factors 1.1 To what extent is domicile or habitual residence relevant in determining liability to taxation in your jurisdiction? Answer Text.   Domicile or habitual residence is relevant in determining tax liability in Nigeria. The Personal Income Tax Act, 2011 Laws of […]

ICLG-Corporate Recovery & Insolvency 2019

INS19_Chapter 26 – Nigeria   NIGERIA-Corporate Recovery & Insolvency 2019  Questions 1  Overview 1.1       Where would you place your jurisdiction on the spectrum of debtor to creditor-friendly jurisdictions? Nigeria is substantially a creditor-friendly jurisdiction, especially for debts acquired by Nigeria’s public assets management body i.e. Assets Management Corporation of […]