About Us

Who is Miyetti?

Who is Miyetti?

Miyetti Law is a uniquely multifaceted law firm which is systematically structured with resilient lawyers and experts who are consistently dedicated to meeting every legal need of our clients.

Our firm offers:

The Services of Experienced Professionals

Our lawyers and partners have over two decades of practice experience and advanced degrees. We have worked with human rights organisations, founded non-governmental organisations, engaged in several Pro bono services, worked for national and multi-national organisations and companies, taught at law schools in Nigeria and throughout the world. We have also helped with coordination and planning of the London 2012 Olympics, run consultancy firms and worked in the area of insurance, finance and banking. The team we put together to help with your legal needs are very dependable as they do have the knowledge and background experience necessary to help you succeed.

A Diverse Array of Legal Services

We engage in transactional work, business planning, interfacing with government entities and individual clients. Whether your legal issues are focused in Nigeria or anywhere in the world, we provide you with advocacy and legal advice that you need. We supply the well needed assistance by providing a platform where individuals, businesses, charity organisations, and government agents and agencies can better achieve their goals. Our aim is to be the one firm you trust with all your legal needs and much more.

Unparalleled Research Abilities

Research is the key to making the law work for you. At Miyetti law we know where to find the relevant laws, analyse it from different angles, find the precedents that support your position, understand how to make the tools within the legal system work to achieve your objectives and properly put them into use. Our state of the art in house library and full-time research analysts are here and ready to provide you with the assistance required to solve any legal problem

Miyetti Law has full-time researchers and well experienced legal analysts who carry out research projects in our state-of-the art library. Our library matches international standards and contains all that is required to embark on any comprehensive research. We have at our disposal up to date law reports covering cases from the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Federal High Court, National Industrial Court, High Court of the FCT. The library also houses the Law reports and legislative instruments of Common Law and Commonwealth jurisdictions like the All England Law Reports and the Belize Supreme Court Report. We also have a vast database of research materials on our site library such as LawPavilion, LegalPedia, Westlaw UK, Practical law, LexisNexis and a host of others

The full-time researchers and legal analysts put the firm in a perfect state to conduct a comprehensive research through a review of laws , analysis of the likely outcomes of your case, help you understand laws applicable to you, and help you put together the strongest legal arguments possible.

Do not settle for just any firm. As a boutique firm, we bring our advanced legal and business background to the table, and we do so much more. We care about helping you achieve your goals, and will be there to answer questions, explain evolutions in the law, and help you achieve success by making the law work for you.