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Pro Bono

Miyetti Law has an institutional commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Recognising the substantial unmet legal needs in our society, Miyetti Law seeks to encourage and facilitate the participation of our lawyers and staff in Pro bono work through the “Miyetti Rights Project”

Miyetti Rights Project is designed to cater for the legal needs of indigent individuals and organisations who can not afford legal representation. We are committed to making an impact everyday by pooling our talents and resources in providing Pro bono legal services.

Our Pro bono works are always carried out in the same way and according to the same procedures, with the same diligence, energy, enthusiasm, resources, timeliness, supervision, review and with the same recognition for time spent as well as all other legal work undertaken by the firm.

Our lawyers provide the same standards of professional attention, staffing, and supervision to Pro Bono Services as provided to other client services. Pro bono matters approved by the Pro bono Committee are handled free of charge.