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Our People

Our People

Miyetti Law has a legal team dedicated to achieving success for our clients. When you are represented by Miyetti Law, you will not only be served by a boutique firm staffed with lawyers with decades of collective experience but will also have representatives advocating for you who understand business, non-governmental organisations, and government because we have been leaders within these fields and areas.

What are the qualifications of our staff members?

Our lawyers and members of our legal team include professionals who: have worked in government, with charity organisations, run consultancy firms, have consulted for the United Nations, and worked for the National Human Rights Commission. Our lawyers also have advanced degrees from international law schools, degrees, MBAs and PhDs. We bring all of this experience to the table to help our clients with their legal concerns. Learn more about the multidisciplinary approach our experienced legal team takes in helping resolve our client’s legal matters by reaching out to Miyetti Law.