About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Miyetti Law is to use our diverse experiences to provide our clients with the best legal service by putting the relevant laws into appropriate use. We give quality legal services, by providing legitimate advocacy, advice, guidance, and support necessary to ensure that individuals, businesses, corporate bodies, governments and charity organisations attain their goals. On a local, national and global level, we also develop legal strategies, make effective use of legal processes, and furnish solid arguments to help clients achieve their aims.

Miyetti Law is a boutique firm. This connotes a personalised legal representation focused on your interest and tailored towards helping you achieve your ideal aspiration. Our firm focuses on the process as well as the outcome. This way, we take the most strategic and effective part towards helping you achieve your objective. All legal concerns are treated with utmost importance and the much needed attention while abstaining from any form of discrimination or sentiment.


We keep you informed and constantly updated on legal issues that concern you. This way, we meticulously select and adopt the most appropriate mode of communication bearing in mind the peculiarity of each client. The manner of operation enables us to communicate with our clients within the shortest possible time. We are always happy to hear from you and respond to your areas of concern.

Customer Service

One of our core guiding principles in Miyetti Law is the practice of law in line with the principles of equality and the rule of law. This plays out fully in the way we deal with clients. We have a well structured system that at all times ensure customers are given the best of services and accorded respect. We have an active complaint department where you can send complaints and it will be attended to immediately. Be assured that you will be treated with utmost respect from the moment you reach out to Miyetti Law; this is because we value your business and are committed to the provision of quality customer care.

Cost Effective Legal Services

Miyetti Law provides you with the most strategic approach to resolving your legal matters and getting your questions answered. You can be rest assured that you are getting the best value and satisfaction for your resources.

Skillful Legal Advice

At Miyetti Law we offer quality legal advice that stands the test of time. This process is very important to us and your matter is handled with diligence and professionalism. We make comprehensive legal arguments and use appropriate past precedents in supporting our advocacy. We constantly maximize your chances of getting the desired outcome from any dispute or legal situations that may arise.

You need more than a law firm to help you achieve your goals and aspirations. You need a firm that cares about you, a firm that will empower you, and help you make the most of the opportunities provided within the local and international legal climate. Miyetti Law is that firm. Let us bring our decades of legal experience, business experience and insider knowledge of the law to your legal matters.



Dr. Jennifer Jamilah Douglas Atiku Abubakar

Principal Partner – Miyetti Law